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Menstrual Cup She PowHer

Menstrual Cup She PowHer

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Introducing She PowHer Reusable Menstrual Cups – the eco-friendly, cost-effective solution revolutionising your period experience! The soft silicone cups, available in three sizes, provide seamless, leak-free protection for up to 12 hours.

🌿 **Small:** Ideal for first-time menstruators (approx. 9-15 years) with a light flow. Rim diameter: 40.99mm, Cup capacity: 15-25ml, Firmness: Soft to Medium.

🌸 **Medium:** Perfect for ages 15-25 (no childbirth) with a light to medium flow. Rim diameter: 43mm, Cup capacity: 15-30ml, Firmness: Medium.

🌺 **Large:** Tailored for those 25+ years (had childbirth) with a medium to heavy flow. Rim diameter: 46mm, Cup capacity: 30-40ml, Firmness: Medium to Firm.

Crafted in a world-class facility in South Africa, the cups are rigorously tested for safety, ensuring they are 100% safe, non-cytotoxic, and skin-friendly. Join the She PowHer movement – embrace comfort, sustainability, and freedom during your period!

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