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Boob Tape

Boob Tape

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- Strong Adhesion- The Breast Lift Tape has a stronghold plus it's waterproof & dance-proof! Feel free in your body while holding both your clothing and breasts in place all day long.
- Lifts & holds-the breast tape provides excellent breast lift while providing a natural look no matter what fashion type you are wearing. Give off a Hollywood look while in any backless or strapless dress.
- Endless possibilities -The Breast Lift Tape is nearly impossible to detect. Perfect to apply when wearing your favourite tops, blouses, or strapless, backless, wedding dress!
- Multi-use tape-Our breast lift tape can be used to keep any fabric or item of clothing in place & prevent slip. Apply to your feet and prevent shoes or heels from rubbing.

- Hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable.
- They are ergonomically designed to make you feel like wearing nothing.

Before using this product, do a patch test. You can do this by putting a small piece of the tape on the inside of your elbow or just under your breast and then wait for 12 hours. Watch for redness, itching, or burning. If you experience these, do not use the product

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